Things to do on your trip

Dolphin and Whale spotting

As we travel around the Maldivian islands and atolls, keep a look out for schools of dolphins and pods of whales. Spinner dolphins make for a spectacular sight as they leap from the water, and they will often swim alongside the boat in a seemingly playful way.

You might also be lucky to see pilot whales – pods of adults and juveniles are most common – and even false killer whales. And as you scan the horizon for signs of movement, look out for the mighty sailfish as they occasionally jump from the water during a hunt.


We offer various opportunities for you to catch your own supper ! Take our small dinghy/launch around a nearby lagoon, and hope for a bite on your lure, or simply try your luck at sunset from the back of NOAH, with a line & hook loaded with bait fish. Sometimes you might be out of luck, whereas on other days you would not believe the size and variety of tasty fish you can catch.


Depending on the season and the local conditions, the Maldives can offer some excellent surfing, and our NOAH liveaboard offers the ideal way to beat the crowds and find the perfect waves on your own schedule.

The surf season runs from Feb/March through to Oct/November, with water temperatures a comfortable 28-30C and wave heights averaging 4 to 8 feet (largest swells around August).

There’s no need for a wetsuit, but a rash guard or long sleeve T-shirt is essential for sun protection, along with a high factor waterproof suncream.

BBC Video

The BBC’s Simon Reeve travelled on NOAH, to film the ‘Oman to Maldives’ episode of his ‘Indian Ocean’ TV series.

Guest Video

NOAH guests on a surf trip back in 2010
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Snorkelling Diving

Beginners can enjoy splashing in the 1m shallows with a mask & snorkel – it’s like swimming in your own tropical fish aquarium! Lifejackets are available for the less confident, as the underwater world of the Maldives is really not to be missed.

Be on the lookout for ‘Nemo’ clownfish living in an anemone and long-nosed garfish darting past. You may even spot a green turtle grazing on seagrass, and a black tipped reef shark on patrol.

The more adventurous can venture into deeper waters, to enjoy all the colours of the vibrant coral reef and its inhabitants.

For PADI qualified divers, we can offer our dedicated diving boat (‘dhoni’) for personalised trips to some of the best reefs and dive spots in the country.